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Filmmaking is like a ritual. A ritual is something to take serious. And we are serious about our filmmaking. But being serious and all, we still have a lot of laughs with our customers, because fun goes well with creativity.


We are a filmmaking agency based in the heart of Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden. Ritualen produces 2D/3D animations, commercials, internal corporate films, films for social media, broadcast TV, still-photography etc. Basically everything that has one frame after another.

We love to push filmmaking boundaries and tell a story that will catch your audience.   

So give us a call and let´s talk about your next project, we can make it come alive...

P.S. Did we mention that we are serious, but fun, but serious, but fun…


 With our 200 square meter studio we can make any project fantastic. It´s big enough to fit a car and works perfect for both film- and still photography. Please contact us for more details.



Head Office

Ritualen AB
Östgötagatan 27A

116 25 Stockholm, Sweden

New Clients

Petter Edelswärd 

+46 73 682 60 60


For production related questions

Got Talent?

Feel like joining the cult of Ritualen? We are always looking for new talents to expand our network. Drop us an email, and tell us all about you.

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