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Our pretty site is hosted on the platform. Your data (01010110110110 ish) may be stored through’s data storage, databases and the general applications, we are talking huge computers here! They store your data on secure servers behind a wall of fire, also known as a firewall.


Cookies (insert cookie joke here) are tiny text files a website stores on your computer. We use cookies to analyze the performance of our site and when embedding videos from YouTube and Vimeo (or other, even cooler video platforms). We don’t collect any information in order to identify you or serve you targeted ads (that’s just plain rude). Below is a list of the cookies we use on this site.

These (yes you can click the link!) are the cookies Wix implements on Wix sites.

Learn more about cookies here (you are catching on…)

YouTube & Vimeo

We use embedded videos from YouTube and Vimeo on some parts of our site. The YouTube and Vimeo players might place it’s own cookies (called third-party cookies) on your computer over which we have no direct control (hm sounds like a politicians answer, but it’s true). These cookies don’t store any personal information about you unless you’re signed in to your YouTube or Vimeo account, in which case they might get linked to your YouTube or Vimeo profile.

Remove or disable cookies

If you ask a genius (but if you made it this far I guess you are pretty smart yourself) you can easily configure your browser to disable cookies, remove current cookies or let you know each time a new one is created. You can also choose to only disable third-party cookies. But to be honest, a life without cookies is pretty dull and boring.


Select a browser below to see detailed explanation of how to remove or disable cookies.

- Chrome

- Firefox

- Safari

- iOs

- Internet Explorer


If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to contact us.

Have a super nice day!

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